Joy to your life from Japankaiko shop


Right now, what objects are you sharing your life with?

"Nothing is more important than functionality and therefore convenience." "Good design and appearance are also important."

But at +d we aim to offer something else, a special +.
What makes us tick is the element of surprise, the fun, the warmth and comfort of well-designed products. Utilizing the imagination and the technical skills of Japanese designers we aim to breathe life into objects. In this way, when you use our products, perhaps the ache in your shoulder will lessen, you may smile without really knowing why..

We want you to experience this kind of communion with our objects. We want you to suddenly notice the beauty of the wildflowers at the side of the road that would normally pass by unseen, and display them in your room.

It is with that kind of feeling that we invite you to share your day to day with +d.
+d's message to you is "Smile!", "Don't overdo it!", "Take it easy!"

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